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I am an Orange County based photographer that specializes in personal and commercial real estate.  With a focus on natural lighting, I aim to tell the individual story of every property I photograph and to display its unique character.  I also stay up to date with the most modern photographic technology, and am always looking to stay current in this ever advancing industry.  I approach every property with care and attention to detail and have an eye for staging.  I never mind taking the time to make your shoot as successful as possible, and put effort into creating symmetry and balance to achieve a stunning photo.  My aim is simply to bring out the natural beauty of your property.


I live in Orange County with my amazing wife Jess and our two, highly energetic, sons.  When I’m not working, I also train and compete in triathlons.  I bring the same level of energy and devotion to all aspects of my life, and would love to work with you in the future.  

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